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How videography and animation can help you with marketing

Animation and videography is a new addition to the promotion toolbox and we are starting to see it being used more frequently. You may be asking yourself is it really worth it ? and we here at Creatives Hub Digital without hesitation will tell you yes it is, not only because everyone is starting to do it but because its a extremely engaging, profitable and versatile marketing tool. Below are some key points as to why we say yes to videography and animation.

1. Videography and animation help boost conversation and sales: 

Having a moving image to market your business is more exciting and engaging to a customer then a still image. For example showing a video on your home page of your website promoting a product or service holds the customers attention for longer and makes it memorable. It also helps your business look more exciting and futuristic, you want customers to look at your products and services and say WOW I want that which videography and animation will help achieve, which will result in more sales due to your business captivation. 

We have seen first hand that videography and animation helps boost conversation about your business. For example with our animated work for our client Attitude Inc has gained alot more popularity and comments then their still images on social media. This results in a increase of followers and for customers to recommend you to others. 

2. Video and animation provides good return on investment: 

Videography and animation production is not the easiest nor cheapest task but it will pay off. As long as you have a video/animation that has the correct content and is compelling to the audience you will see that after all that hard work it will be worth it as you will see an increase to business sales as discussed above.  

3. Videography and animations will build trust: 

Building trust with your customers is one of your main goals for your business. Video and animation will help you with this by creating a communication between you and viewers, its an easier way for your business to show itself off and have a sense of transparency as to who you are and what you do. For instance customers are more likely to trust you product if they see it in use then see it as a still image. 

4.  Videography and animation create better Search Engine Rankings: 

Google loves videos and animations on websites. That’s why having videos on your website can help it receive higher rankings and receive more traffic which will really help you get your business off your feet and reach a wider audience. 


At the end of the day, video and animation is one of the best new marketing tools  you can use to stand out from the crowd. We highly recommend using to its full advantage on social media and websites to create a personal connection to your audience. 


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