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web design in colchester by definition

Web design in Colchester is the practice of designing a website from scratch or sometimes redeveloping an old website and brining its design and functionality up to date. Starting with planning and then conceptualising and arranging content such as text and images. Nowadays websites go much further than just looking aesthetically pleasing. Functionality is much more of a focus point when designing a website, what does the website need to do, is it a here we are here is what we do website? Is it going to be an eCommerce solution the possibilities are endless. The right web design in Colchester has the potential to give your users the best possible experience, whilst pushing boundaries and maximising you return on investment.

designed in stages, delivered with excellence

When creating a website there are a number of steps that need to be taken in consideration, firstly what is the goal of your website, what is it you are trying to achieve? Making sure that this aligns with your brand and what it stands for. You also need to consider the scope of your website, having all these great ideas is fine, but keeping within budget and nailing the core functionality of the website should be the main aim. Web design in Colchester also needs to focus on the sitemap, what pages are we going to build and how are they going to interconnect throughout the rest of the website. Functionality is also a big talking point when building a new website, what does the website need to do, is it going to just capture new leads through a contact form, or is it going to be an eCommerce solution, So establishing the features and functionality at the start is pivotal.

The next step is content creation, making sure that your text and images for the website convey the message you are trying to deliver, whilst also appealing to your target audience. Having good quality content on the website will resonate with your customers, this will also build trust in your brand as a whole. SEO search optimisation is another key factor in website design, optimising your website not just for your customers but also for Google, this enables us to identify you as a leading figure in your niche in the eye of google. Giving you more authority in the eye of Google so when a users searches for a service or a product you offer, as an authority figure in the eyes of Google, you will appear higher up in the search result, which leads to more traffic and in turn more sales and leads.

Adding the visual elements of the website is important as it demonstrates visually what your brand represents, you can include, images, videos, tiles and more that will help improve user experiences on your website and take it to the next level in regards to user engagements. Once the aesthetics has been completed the next big step is testing, making sure everything works as it should, this will include responsive testing across multiple devices and browsers. So making sure that a user has the same great experience on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even bigger screens such as iMacs, as well as different browsers as they can react differently when loading certain elements. Making sure that everyone gets to enjoy your amazing new website regardless of how they are viewing it. Also testing out functionality making sure contact forms send correctly, basket checkouts are processing the correct prices and testing this across different browsers again. Once this is done what’s next? You’ve guessed it your website is ready to go live and rock the Google searches

why you need web design colchester

What we try to emphasise to our customers is that your web design in Colchester is your first point of contact with potential customers. It’s a great way to express your business brand and take you to the next level, even better web design in Colchester allows you to really push your brand and it also shows your customers what they can expect from you and your services.

Depending on your goals you can opt for a simple website design to provide the customer with a simple experience enabling customers to recognise you as a simple and easy solution for their needs. Or you could go for a more complex website with greater functionality and amazing tools and features this will give off the impression you can tackle anything.

how great web design can excel your business

Firstly it shows that you are a business that can deliver a great experience to all of its users, also on top of this good web design in Colchester will strengthen any current online strategy as well as your brand too. It shows commitment that you are investing time and money into your self as a business, it also conveys quality and excellence. As soon as you can start off on the right foot with a professional looking website this can improve customer experiences. Creating the right website with the right look, feel and experiences falls to the web developer, so making sure that we understand your vison, your goals and future plans is crucial in designing the right website for you and your brand. Web design in Colchester also involves SEO optimising your website for more traffic and in turn more leads and sales, When done right this can create the ultimate experience with great exposure and an amazing website when they land.

It is important to design a responsive website that delivers the same great experience over all devices from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and big screen devices such as iMacs. This means that every user regardless of what they are viewing you website on will have the same great experience. This level of quality will be apparent to the customer, it also will help you stand out in front of your competitors. Also engaging with people when they first hit your website will also reduce your bounce rate, which keeps people on your website for longer which hopefully leads to sales enquiries or leads.