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What is the aim of digital marketing in colchester?

Also known as online marketing the main aim of Digital Marketing in Colchester is to promote the particular brand and its products or services. With the focus not only being on making sure not only do you reach the correct audience but also that you are engaging with them enough to convert that engagement into a sale or lead. This is why digital marketing is so valuable to businesses, its great if you can create the best products but if you can’t get them in front of the right people, you ultimately are not going to make any sales!

Companies spend millions of pounds designing and creating the best products in their respective fields, but you will also need to budget for marketing to push and promote them to the right audience. Take a film production company for example, they may spend millions making a movie, but spend the same amount again with advertisement, social media campaigns and various add placements to create a buzz about their new movie and entice audiences to come and view it! There is not a one type of digital marketing that suits all customers, we need to take a different approach to digital marketing depending on the customers you are trying to reach, so we taylor make our digital marketing approach to suit the business and the audience they are trying to engage with.

digital marketing & why you need it!

As a business, creating fantastic products and services may be the top priority but connecting these products and services to the right people and providing them with the best experience is why you need digital marketing. Utilising the correct channels will help your business and brand connect with the right customers and generate those all important leads and sales. The best thing about our digital marketing in Colchester is that we fully customise our marketing packages to suit the brand we are promoting. There is no one solution that fixes all, we find that different age demographics react differently to certain types of marketing than others. So we are always tweaking and adapting with new ideas to make sure we are engaging with maximum effect in order to maximise your return on investment. We have experienced amazing results with a number of local businesses.

the many different types of digital marketing

Digital marketing in Colchester is achieved with a combination of different promotional techniques that we use in order to grow a brand or businesses presence and take them to the next level to help them grow. With our approach we utilise a number of these techniques based on your brand and what we think will work best for your market. As you can imagine with Digital marketing in Colchester there is a number of different strategies and types that we cover briefly below:

  • Social media marketing is basically using various social media platforms to build a presence and engage with your target audience, one of the key benefits is allowing people to share your posts, products and services with their following. Greatly expanding your reach if you can strike the right cord with the user.
  • Influencer marketing is achieved by reaching our to social media influencers, or celebrities as these people can have a large following of dedicated fans. Which instantly give you a large audience to promote your products to and its coming from a source of information that they trust.
  • Email marketing can be a great way to reach out to a large number of people very easily. Creating engaging content that sparks an interest at an initial glance is key as most people are reluctant to open emails from people they don’t know. However most people have access to their emails throughout the day making it a great way to reach out and create awareness.
  • Content marketing is creating content such as videos, blog posts and social media posts that do not usually promote a brand but create an interest in its products or services, without being too sales driven.
  • SEO or Search engine optimisation – This is where we optimise your website for keywords or phrases that your customers are searching for on search engines such as Google. Through traffic analysis we are able to see what your potential customers are searching for and taylor your website to Google for those search terms. Meaning that you are able to rank (appear higher) on google search results. Which results in more people visiting your website and generating leads and sales.
  • PPC Pay Per Click campaigns are great especially when paired with SEO as Ads will appear at the very top of search engines as well as in other ad sections on their partner websites. A great way to immediately generate some traffic and you only pay when a user clicks on your add and is directed to your website.
  • Affiliate Marketing is the process of paying other online marketers who may have a large following on a YouTube channel or their website blog, to write a review or a post about one of your products on their website to a large out of the box following. Which can generate huge interest as it is coming from a trusted source.

digital marketing in colchester is great for business

The best thing about digital marketing in Colchester is that you get to connect with new and sometimes even returning customers, allowing you to show them terrific value in your offers. Also allowing you to boost confidence in your brand with your customers and potential customers, so maybe someone who is not at the buying stage yet, but when they are ready to purchase you will be the first person on their mind to contact. As well another great advantage is you get to engage with customers at every buying stage which is crucial to growing your brand and allowing you to make better marketing campaigns as your brand develops.

Digital marketing also helps you to better target the right audience for your brand and its services and or products. Instead of blanket advertising which can yield some good returns, a lot of the people advertised too are not interested in your services or they are not appropriate for them. Our tailored approach helps you to directly target the right customers at the right stage where they are ready to purchase from you. As well as analysing analytical date from your website and social media views/visits we can see what is working and generating abuzz and what is falling on deaf ears. Allowing us to make structured tweaks to make sure we hit the right cord with your target audience.

If you are looking to boost sales, boost awareness, increase your brands presence on social media locally or internationally then digital marking and its host of different approaches is for you. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you realise your potential. Reach those customers that need your product and services but just don’t know it yet! Why not give it a try today, we can always do a bit of trial and error to see what really works for your customers by experimenting with digital marketing in Colchester. Contact Creatives Hub Digital today.